Wallet Chains vs the World

Why a wallet chain is better than no chain.

October 30, 2020 9:48 pm
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Wallet chains aren’t for the ‘cool’, ‘the punk’ or any other genre of trend that is in the spotlight. The functional benefit is so beyond pragmatic which makes you wonder why are they not mainstream if they are so functional? Well, that is due to a ‘bad first impression’ my friend. Although, there is evidence of wallet chains before the intesant spotlight glared upon this engineering feat of a wallet accessory, the punk scene and biker scene of the 70’s did not sit well through the eyes of your parent’s horn rimmed glasses.

Let’s try to imagine these contraptions where introduced pre-Kennedy era by your good old leave it to beaver type character as an accessory that is pureley functional.
“Hey look mom! I’ll never ever lose my wallet again!”
“Really son how is that?”
“You see I have it attached to my waist. “
“Will it break son?”
“No mom it can’t it’s a steel linked chain. Son that’s amazing!”

You get the picture. Now chain links are great and super secure but there is something even more secure and eye turning (if you are looking to make necks sore) …:real bike chains as the chain to the wallet! Yea I know I’m Elchains, I’m partial but hear me out: This newer up and coming trend is the most functional and unbreakable and the most sustainable and eco friendly.



These things rule.
Used as Elchains clasp
roughly 1.3 inches tall
made of mean strength. Ruthless.

Bike chain vs a regular link chain strength.

Bike chain wins this hands down. An average bike chain is able to sustain X PSI vs a chain link is only able to carry X amount of weight. On top of that Elchains wallet chains come with authentic Nite Ize S-biner. This unique stainless steel clasp claims to support 20lbs of weight which is a load of BS. This thing can carry well over 200 lbs plus! Check out this video I made here. Really guys. I’ve never heard of such an under promise and over deliver. Love it! Thank you guys in Colorado.

Shamless plug, the fact that I make jewelry with from industrial materials vs traditional jewelry materials is the main reason that our bike chain bracelets and jewelry stronger than almost any jewelry out there. Now with wallet chains, strength will be focused even more.

What makes a wallet chain

  1. Have some sort of chain link chain (chain links are chosen for strenght and flexibility of turning. Bike chain wallets on the market don’t have this as they don’t seperate the links like we do as seen below)
  2. Clasp on one end to hook into belt loop or belt itself
  3. Clasp on other end attached to a split ring that attaches to the grommet hole lining of the wallet.
  4. Optional ornaments

Now that we have the technical details down, let’s way options.