bike chain bracelets side by side comparison of tarnished vs not

Regular Bike Chain Bracelets vs Elchains

our secret solution and treatment in action

October 27, 2020 1:30 am
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Both these bracelets are from the same bike chain. They were both worn all the time by me and a customer friend (advice: don’t make friends with customers you’ll lose money :)). They were worn outdoors and in the shower. As you can see overtime the paint from this KMC Z chain starts to wear off. Nothing wrong with this as it’s natural. So why is the Elchains bracelet not worn out like the other? Maybe I didn’t shower as much? Ha.

The reason is that my black bike chain bracelet was treated with special solutions to seal and protect the bracelet from rust and paint chipping and fading.

Elchains has a special secret process and solution that is used to treat all bracelets with the exception of stainless steel bike chain bracelets that don’t require this treatment. I treat these bracelets with the same care I would as if they were mine. In fact I wear two on average every day. It truly isn’t just the look that is appealing, it’s the feel on the wrist. I’ve never had a bracelet that feels as comforting on the wrist as these do. Call it self marketing I don’t care. I started this because I felt how it feels on the wrist when I tried on a Shimano HK 11 speed chain on my wrist (11 or higher can’t remember). It felt so snug and perfect. Something about the weight and the feeling of being unbreakable won my heart.

Our treating process for bike chain bracelets tackles three no no’s:

Rusting bike chains

Almost all metals contain impurities that trigger corrosion. Impurities, less reactive metals and the presence of carbon are common place in bike chains unless they are stainless steel. Corrosion is rust essentially and is not something that someone should have rubbing against there skin.

Hypoallergenic Reactions to metals

This term when seen on labels merely means that it will have fewer than allergic reactions than other products of the same. In the jewelry business it relates mostly to some sort of skin rash or coloration that happens when, in this case you have a bracelet rubbing constantly on your skin. Copper is the main culprit of this phenomenon, however we take the precaution through our treatment to ensure there is no irritation to skin at anytime. A bracelet tends to be worn often, so we need to ensure that the bike chain is prepared to be worn through many elements.

Paint Fading of colored bike chains

Paint fading is a case by case basis. This all depends on how the bike chain was painted by the manufacturer. Glossy painted bike chains will fade easily without treatment whereas matte and gun metal type finishes last a long time through water and sunlight. Regardless, we take the extra step to treat our bike chain bracelets even if they are the more weatherproof kind, with our special treatment process.


As you can see in the picture above. You want your bike chain bracelets, jewelry and accessories to be able to last a long time with it’s original color. Don’t worry, we got you 🙂