Bicycle chain shaped into a heart

Love Bike Chains

what is not to love about this invention

October 30, 2020 8:31 pm
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black bike chains and bracelets rule

What is not to love. Get this, even if you don’t like riding a bicycle or motorcycle, you can still love bike chains. After all

there is a small but growing market of bike chain jewelry.

Bike chains design is function first, however it’s aesthetic and feel is so good that people where them as fashion accessories. For more about the history of bike chains you should read this wikpedia article. And of course check our black bike chain bracelet that was shaped into a heart in this blurb. This one is soon to be discontinued in our line. It is a nice black glossy KMC Z chain. Elchains is making future black bike chain bracelets in matte and black gun metal.