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How Elchains started

Day 60 online a Recap from day 1

October 27, 2020 1:36 am
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I started Elchains on July 4th 2019. This is my personal business blog vent and journey details. The journey so far is pretty interesting as it has progressed which I couldn’t believe but was forced to. So I’ll do a quick recap of the past 4 months or so then I’ll be chronicling every day or weekly events of this bike chain journey lol.

A Bike Chain Bracelet is Born

Sometime at the end of June of this year, I was in some strangers house with my friend George who is a plumber. I feel in love with something I found there. I know nothing about plumbing as I’m a web designer/marketeer by trade. I’ve been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, NY Daily news among other outlets on some of my websites in the past. I’m hoping and am pretty sure I’ll be able to do the same with Elchains I’ll get into my bio at a later date. Anyways, on this fridges wall was a slim bike chain attached to a bottle opener. I grabbed the concoction and put it on my wrist and wanted it as a bracelet but it wasn’t. Not to mention it wasn’t mine. 🙂 The look and feel of this slim Shimano bike chain on my wrist left me flustered with joy. I needed one. I immediately began searching online and could not find many true actual bike chains as bracelets. I did find two on Etsy. They look great and I found a Shimano similar to the one on the fridge. I did not like the lobster claw clasps. The did not look natural to a bike chain. It looked like a nice steel watch band attached to a Casio. Didn’t suit my fancy.

Selling my first bike chain jewelry

Now the decision was made to try to make on myself. I had never built any jewelry or played with a bike part in my life, but the impatience I had of having to wait for an Etsy shipment to arrive was too much. I needed a chain on my wrist even without a clasp. I went to my local bike store and explained my dilemma. The gracious people at Grove Street Bicycles in Jersey City, New Jersey gave me a used chain which happened to be a Shimano! I was so happy. They were nice enough to break it for me. I didn’t even know what a chain breaker was at the time. Now it was time to find a clasp. I ended up finding one while looking through construction related materials while I was helping my plumber friend with my frail keyboard HTML warrior hands. And then voila, the first Elchain.

Now I have a bike chain bracelet with unique clasp. How the hell did I get to selling them? It happened a week or so after I made my first bike chain bracelet. I walked into a lovely jewelry store called Love Locked located at 350 Grove St.Jersey City, New Jersey wearing my bracelet and asked the owner if they liked my bracelet. She jubilantly said yes. On a whim I asked if she’d be interested in selling it for me. It was almost a joke whereby I was expecting a no. Her slight pause which wasn’t even really one gave me enough time to hope that she said no because I did not want to part with my bracelet. She said absolutely. She gave me a consignment contract to sign and list the inventory I’d be listing with her. My mind was racing already for plans to go out and purchase materials. A few days later I dropped off a plain bracelet, one with a skull and a red white and blue KMC bike chain bracelet in anticipation of the upcoming 4th of July.

Elchains is born

And that’s how it started. I sold out at Love Locked in a month and started gathering other locations that I will re-chronicle.

My vision for Elchains is to build a solid foundation of 50 or so stores that carry my bike chain bracelets and wallet chains, then approach a large retail chain such as Hot Topic and have them carry my products. If this does not happen I’ll be more than happy to continue this venture as my bracelets sell, which means people are happy wearing them so I am doing something right.

My future blog posts in this section will be short blurbs on what I’m encountering that is good and bad as a start up jewelry company.