Gun metal bracelet with skull

Gun Metal is Metal

Shiny gun metal becomes addictive to look at.

October 30, 2020 10:08 pm
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Thanks to those boys and gals down in Texas who supplied me with these new smooth gun metal skulls. Now available on I’m getting a lot of compliments and sales on skulls but skulls isn’t Elchains’ specific focus, just the bike chain bracelets are. Regardless, can’t help it when I find a really cool one to incorporate on a bracelet.

Not sure what to name this guy, but he will definitely be in the Elchains comic. Ha I know sounds crazy. I’m going to finish up the first episode this weekend. Any thoughts? Gun Metal Jack? Silver Bullet? ha, no clue. Whatever his name is he is almost the exact same dimensions as the skulls on my other bracelets such as Sad Skull, Black Skull and Gold Skull whose measurements are in the pictures below.

He rests on a KMC nicel plated bmx chain. Although mainly focused as men’s bracelets they do look good one women too, especially the multi-speed bike chains which are thinner. Either way bike chain jewelry is what it is. Here are some specs in millimeters. 

Gun Metal Skulls with Measurements in millimeters