Dk bike chain bracelet

Bike Chain History Here

the first and the last dk bracelet

October 30, 2020 10:00 pm
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I got a better picture of this discontinued bicycle chain by DK that I put together into a one of a kind bike chain bracelet. Love this thing. Only have one left and don’t even want to sell it but I have it up on my site for twice my normal prices. There is one chain out on the market that looks identical. It’s called the KMC Kool Knight KK710NP to be precise. They both look to be full nickel plated. The Kool knight is one of the most expensive bike chains on the market. I’ll be getting an order in soon and posting pictures of that new bracelet when the time comes. Here’s a nice article I found about bike chain history:

Wikipedia’s article about bike chain history is good as expected. I’ll be writing an article about the history of bike chain bracelets when I gather enough info. Wiki article here