This guy needs help. Just look at that sad boney face. He is really somber as he’s new to the line and sees his litter mates find home after home on wrist after wrist. Made of solid stainless steel this Elchain has a heavy premium feel. The weight of this bracelet makes a huge difference among the non stainless steel bracelets. Just slightly heavier at .04 ounces yet it makes a stark difference in feel. Weight plays a huge factor in bracelets and watches. Too light or too heavy will make your wrist agitated.

A common question is aren’t all bike chains stainless steel? Answer is no. In fact, very few bicycle chains are stainless steel. This is due to weight as it effects speed and balance of riding a bike and most importantly cost! High end stainless steel is expensive relative to mass production for large bicycle chain companies. Fortunately, at Elchains we loooove stainless steel and get our hands on it as much as possible. Benefits of stainless steel are weight (slightly heavier on the wrist), added shine and most importantly no rust! Our stainless steel bicycle chain bracelets and other wear do not rust. Guess what though, neither do our non stainless steel bracelets as we treat them in a special chemical process to prevent rust. Either way our out of the box to the wrist stainless steel bracelets are our favorite material and we charge slightly more due to them being more expensive.

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