Nickel Plated Wallet Chain


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Shiny chrome finish wallet chain made from a single speed bike chain. This solid chain measures 24 inches in length and has two solid clasps on each end. The end that secures onto the belt loop has a 30 millimeter flat split ring and a rotating clasp to ensure maximum mobility. The split ring is a shiny chrome finish just like the bike chain and the clasps are a shiny stainless steel.

This wallet chain is our go to base wallet chain. There are cheaply made wallet chains such as these on the market that are made oversees. You can tell the difference easily by feel and look. The cheaply made ones have a noticeable painted on chrome finish which looks like plastic. The bike chains themselves are casts of bike chains but not actual bike chains. They do this to save money with bulk manufacturing. Elchains on the other hand only uses premium bike chains for wallet chains along with only premium military grade clasps for hooking on both sides.

1 review for Nickel Plated Wallet Chain

  1. David Cruz

    Love this one Elchains! I bought this one in store but thought I’d give my two cents here. It’s awesome. It’s heavy but not too heavy. It’s actually very shiny but not a chrome shiny. Can’t explain it I guess that’s the nickel plating you mention? Didn’t know that’s what it was thought it was stainless steel. I’ve gotten compliments on it already. Thanks so much man!

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