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This is the first in Elchain’s line of bullet bracelets. The sliced 32 caliber H & R Remington bullet casing rests on a premium Inox stainless steel bike chain bracelet. It measures between 7.5 to 9inches in length with .25 of an inch adjustments that can be made.

The most fashionable men’s bullet bracelet on the market is here waiting for a wrist to call home

There are a variety of bracelets with bullets in them on the market. The great thing about this bullet bracelet is that it is only a slice of the bullet that is attached to the stainless steel bike chain link. The benefit of this is that the look of the bullet is subtle. Many a people won’t notice right off hand which is a great fashion gesture as it gives you the option to wear it anywhere without screaming war! This precision sliced 32 caliber casing is 9.5 millimeters in diameter which is the exact diameter of the bike chain bracelet plate it is secured on. Add to the fact that there is a nice nickel to steel contrast it makes for a good look whether you are dressed casually or looking for the biker bracelet look. You can not own a Harley Davidson or gun and look great in this bracelet. If you are the hog riding type looking for a biker bracelet this is your choice too and when you change out of those leathers, you’ll be loving the look of the bracelet in a tee shirt or button down.

Specs for this bullet bracelet are:
1. Inox stainless steel bike chain bracelet
2. 32 caliber bullet which was fired safely at a firing range and sliced with perfect precision
3. Industrial strength clasp
4. 15 milimeter flat split ring with a gun metal finish
5. Removable 5 millimeter bearing ring for additional optional length (looks pretty cool too)

Wear a bullet bracelet and know that you are helping the environment

Elchains motto is to help the environment in style. Reloading bullets is a great practice. At some point the brass or nickel plated shells get discarded. The fact that we have an opportunity to prevent these bullet fragments from going to landfills and waste and create a piece of jewelry that looks awesome is a win win situation.

On top of that we think it’s pretty neat that there is a history to your bullet bracelet. There are two bullet on this bracelet on each side. the primer is intact on the top with a visible indent from where the hammer struck this slug while bring fired at a gun range in Kansas City. It’s safe to know that it was not used in a crime!

What kind of fashion style compliments this bracelet you might ask?

This particular bracelet can go along with all outfits however, our opinion is that it’s best suited for any t-shirt and jeans aka casual type ensemble. Of course, anything biker with black leather. Anything Goth or rocker. For super universal purpose bike chain bracelet we suggest our black bike chain bracelet with a bullet trinket. Either way, style is in the eyes of the beholder. This bullet bracelet is so fun to wear, you’ll rock it in a suit we forsee.

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  1. Anne Davis

    About time Nato! The bracelet is awesome. My husband loves it!

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