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black bike chain bracelet

Colored bike chains stand out. As people are used to seeing a metallic color for a bicycle chain, sporting one with color is real eye opener. This puppy is covered in a black glossy paint which is extra neat. No ornaments just the base of all Elchains. This style is the original bracelet that started this line. The fact that it has no trinkets makes it uniform to the clasp which is great to look at. The clasp is a solid black s-biner with a unique flat split ring that you don’t see often. The split rings come in silver color and black. We will default to the black one for uniformity unless stated otherwise in your request box when you order.

Feel free to ask for anything custom in your order before or upon checkout. Your satisfaction is ours too.

Note: This piece is not recycled jewelry. All parts are new but you are still helping the environment by not letting a bicycle chain go to waste!

Benefits are among other things:

  • Reducing waste
  • Helping all those cute creatures
  • Looking and feeling good

A little about bicycle chains

Modern day bike chains aren’t that modern. The late 1800’s saw the sprout of modern day roller chain design. Early examples of chain-driven bicycles include the 1869 Guillemot and Meyer, the 1879 Lawson, the 1884 McCammon, the 1884 Starley Rover, and the 1895 Diamant. Before creating a safety bicycle model bicycles didn’t have pedals thereby not allowing them to go as fast as modern day bicycles. With the advent of brakes and pedals came the need for an efficient chain mechanism. A bicycle chain can be very energy efficient: one study reported efficiencies almost to 100% in controlled tests. Read more about bicycle chains on Wikipedia here.

The efficiency of bike chain engineering is visible through it’s design.


  1. David Cruz

    Love it. It is really shiny as stated. Good quality, definitely will get one with the skull in the future. Thanks!

  2. Rick

    Not quite as shiny but still great. Worth the money.

  3. Nate

    Love the clasp.

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