Our bike chain bracelet collection comprises of skull, plain and bullet bracelets

Elchains is a primarily men’s bracelet and biker type fashion accessories store. We are confidant you will find a bike chain bracelet that suits you, if you didn’t you can always custom order one below. Elchains makes a variety of eco friendly chain link bracelets and accessories such as skull jewelry, bullet bracelets and wallet chains. Welcome be sure to check the store and the blog.

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bullet bracelet stainless steel small image

This is a stainless steel bike chain bracelet with a 32 caliber primer struck sliced bullet mounted on...


Bracelet & Wallet Chain Styles

Elchains bike chain jewelry isn’t just biker bracelets or goth jewelry. A black bike chain bracelet looks like a million dollars and can be worn with a suit or with leather on a Harley Davidson.
Learn more about bike chain bracelets by visiting our bike chain bracelet faq section.
Browse our bike chain bracelets with and without skulls as well.

Man wearing black bike chain bracelet and Tag Heuer Men's Professional 100 meter watch with white face. Classy.
Classy Tag Heuer with Black Bike Chain Bracelet.

new bike chains

At Elchains we make bike chain bracelets from new premium brand bike chains. We are eco friendly and donate 1 dollar per sale to environmental non profits. New bicycle chain bracelets have a portion of sales donated to environmental causes. Check them out!

Stainless steel bicycle chain bracelet
Stainless Steel Bike Chain Bracelet. Inox grade steel, feels great on the wrist. Great bracelet for all occasions.
Gun Metal skull used on our skull bracelets

Skull Bracelets | Bullet Bracelets | Wallet Chains

Skull bracelets are no.1 sellers right now. You will not find a similar style to the way we design these bracelets. We have 6 different style skull bracelets and 4 different bullet bracelets at this time and will be adding more to our bike chain bracelet collection. We have nickel plated, black and stainless steel wallet chains with and without skulls. Email us for custom orders.

Solid Build

Combining the solid built engineering of bicyle chains with the unique Nite Eyes S-Biner, KMC, YBN and Shimano bike chains among others, creates solid unbreakable bracelets. The feeling of wearing a new bike chain bracelet is comfortable on the wrist and relaxes the mind knowing your bracelet will never break and or fall of your wrist.

Types of Bicycle Chain Bracelets

Bike chain bracelets are our specialty. We have black, red, yellow, gold and grey colored bike chains available for bracelets along with several gold, silver and black skull ornaments.  Our main types of bracelets are:

black bike chain bracelet thumbnail

Colored bike chain

This KMC Z chain in black. This bracelet has a glossy black finish. Our other black bracelet is matte black that we will be using exclusively moving forward due to it’s very weather resistant finish. This particular chain comes in black, red, yellow, gold and silver. See our article about how we avoid rust in our bike chain jewelry.

stainless steel bracelet small imageStainless steel and nickel plated bike chains

Our favorite is the INOX by KMC, however we use multiple manufacturers for these stainless steel finishes. The metallic finish gives this bracelet a true biker bracelet look and feel.

Skull trinkets or ornaments are the go to for our decorative bike chain bracelets. We currently have 6 skulls that we securely and fashionably fasten onto a colored or stainless steel bike chain.

sliced bullet casing trinket that is attached to bullet braceletbullet bracelet

These bracelets are made from real bullets fired at firing ranges. Instead of being thrown away and polluting our environment even further, these shells are cleaned, polished and sliced with an industrial cutting machine and then fastened securely on our chain linked bracelets. We currently have three bullet bracelet styles:

stainless steel bullet bracelets
nickel plated bullet bracelet
black bullet bracelet

Here is a short clip of our black bike bracelet with a skull ornament. You can see the ease of putting it on and off and how it looks on a wrist.

More questions about our bracelets? Visit the our bike chain bracelet FAQ which is the most comprehensive guide to bike chain jewelry out there.

unbreakable bracelets

That’s right. These bracelets are practically unbreakable. Post a video of breaking our bike chain bracelets and you will get a new one free of charge (One time offer with valid proof of purchase).


unbreakable bracelet

Locations | where to buy in person

These stores sell our bike chain bracelets and wallet chains. You can try one on in person. Currently only in New York City area.

Mint Market
339 Grove St.
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Shai Bracelets & Wear
52 East 14th St.
New York, NY 10003

Right in front of Best Buy

624 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10009

Gothic Renaissance
110 4th Ave
New York, NY 10003

Love Locked
350 Grove St.
Jersey City, NJ 07302

If you are a retailer interested in carrying  our bracelets and accessories, please email us here and we will get back to you very promptly. Our retailer references are very happy stores as we sell out consistently.

News etc.

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stainless steel wallet chain

November 14 2019:
Just in. Stainless steel wallet chains available. More colors coming soon.

Click here to view

November 18 2019:
New stainless steel bracelet with 32 caliber bullet ornament. 2 more styles coming this week on a wallet chain.

Click here to view

Custom Orders

Got ideas? Mix and max for a custom bike chain bracelet, wallet chain or whatever suits your creative fancy. Don’t hesitate to ask.



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Why bike chain bracelets?

James O
New York City

The way bike chains are engineered is unmatched. So solid and aesthetically pleasing. The most important factor in my mind is the fact that they are unbreakable. I don’t have to worry about a flimsy bracelet falling off my wrist. Combined with the s-biner clasp you could tow a car with our bicycle chain bracelets and wallet chains.

Founder Elchains

Do you steal chains from parked bicycles?​

Pablo Mendoza

No lol! All chains are donated from bicycle shops or purchased from bicycle shops and manufacturers.

Founder Elchains​

I like Sad Skull. Will there be more skulls available for bracelets?

Dave Spark
Los Angeles

Glad you like Sad Skull. He’s a favorite. The goal is to have 10 unique skull bracelets by years end. Skull jewelry is timeless and we have a lot of work to do to find the right skulls. Stay tuned.

Founder Elchains

Do you make hand made jewelry?

Alphabet City


Yes. The bike chains and clips are made by the respective manufacturers such as KMC, Shimano, YBN etc., but they are all put together and crafted by hand thus being hand crafted jewelry.

Founder Elchains

Are all the bike chains you use recycled?

Jake Jones
Jersey City

No. A portion of the bike chain bracelets are recycled but the majority of the men’s bracelets are new. Even though they are new they end up becoming dumped in landfills after use on a bicycle. Thus you are helping the environment even by buying a new bike chain bracelet.

Founder Elchains

Are there any discounts available?
Yes. Discounts are seasonal and hidden in easter eggs on our site. Here is one.

Elchains.com Coupons
Sad Skull. Skull Jewelry Bracelet. made by Elchains



ElChains is a New York based company that creates GREEN bike chain jewelry

and wear primarily through enviromentally friendly means. We specialize in making bike chain bracelets (our best sellers), belts and wallet chains made out of recycled used and new bicycle chains. We believe in helping the environment in style. People often associate bike chains with biker or goth culture and label them ‘biker bracelets’ and such. This is true, however a black or colored bike chain looks very classy with formal wear. Elchains caters to both markets of fashion.

Elchains has the most diverse collection of bike chain bracelets on the market. We have stainless steel bracelets and a full color spectrum to choose from for our bracelets. We treat the bike chains with a special solution and process to ensure rust resistance and prevention of hypoallergenic reactions. We love to design bracelets with skull trinkets and have 5 to 10 skull variations to choose from. Skulls are universal in symbolism, to Elchains it symbolizes the possibility of our environment dying if don’t take care of it.

Seldonmly discussed, wasted bicycle chains actually do have an environmental impact through carbon emissions. Converting bicycle chains that would normally be thrown away into jewelry helps the environment however minute the numbers are. 90 some odd percent of the bike chains we use for our bracelets are new. The average lifespan of a chain on a bike pales in comparison to the lifespan of wearing a piece of jewelry. Therefore, we feel that even new bike chains used for our bracelets is eco friendly as well.


Feel free to join our cause or ask any questions at [email protected]